LCHS Technology Spotlight - Keynote Live In AP English Classes

In this episode of LCHS Technology Spotlight, you will learn how AP English Language students and teachers are using Keynote Live Video to increase engagement while showing live document edits!

Make a “Green Screen” video in Keynote!

Now that Keynote has Live Video, you can make green screen videos directly in Keynote!  This will save your students time and energy!

TeleStory Video Creation Tutorial

TeleStory is a great app that allows students to create videos with costumes and backgrounds.  This would be great for book reviews, story telling, weather reports, etc.  

Screen Recording

The iPad has a built in tool that allows you to record the screen and your voice at the same time

Use Pages As A Teleprompter

Pages can be turned into a teleprompter for students who are making movies or doing read alouds 

ChatterPix 101

A quick walk through of how to use ChatterPix in the classroom

Use Augmented reality for Science and Social studies

Create AR presentations with Keynote and AR Makr