Movie Making Unleash Your Inner Creative Side

- Adam Phyall -

Twitter - @AskAdam3 

Newton County School System

In order for students to be prepared for a more complex life and work environment, a 21st-century classroom must promote creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Technology tools allow students to create video, audio, text, and images provide an opportunity to enhance higher order thinking skills. Participants will explore a variety of resources for planning and creating multimedia projects. Participants will develop ideas for creating podcasts, online storybooks, and videos, becoming media producers, not just consumers.

Room 214

1:15 - 2:00

Create captivating content with Clips App

- Kristen Brooks -

Twitter - @KristenBrooks77 

Cherokee County School District 

Discover amazing and endless possibilities of teaching your students how to create not just consume using an iPad or iPhone as their learning tool with Clips App by Apple. 

You’ll learn to make and share videos with text, graphics and special effects plus app smashing while learning how to incorporate its use into your curriculum. Examples of teacher- and student-made Clips will inspire you to begin using this powerful creation tool. Encounter the power of a video. 

Band Hall 1

1:15 - 2:00

Think Tank

- Marissa Barber- 

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

This session was created by the secondary Vanguards and other technology-driven educators at our campus. The goal for our session is to revive and expand previously utilized technology-directed lessons by actively looking for advice, information, and novel ideas from other forward-thinking and technologically advanced teachers. We selected an educator from each subject (core and extracurricular) who would be interested in revitalizing a lesson/project or expanding their knowledge from intermediate to expert in reference to specific apps or software. The session is intended for those at Confluence who have previously prepared a lesson they want to improve upon, have a lesson they would like to share that utilizes technology, and be open to change in their classroom. It is meant to be fast-paced with the opportunity for spontaneous breakout groups. Other educators are encouraged to come by and bring their own lessons they would like to improve. 

Band Hall 2

1:15 - 2:00

Pear Deck

- Michele Cook, Audrey Jones, & Victoria Johnston-

Twitter- @cookiemarch19 @VictoriaLBMS

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

It's hard for those of us who teach reading to get an idea of what our students are thinking in real time.  Reading is mostly an "in your head" activity so figuring out quickly why students are struggling can be a real challenge.  This why we use Pear Deck. It's not new, but the feedback that you can provide students in real time is a game changer.  It's like opening a kid's brain and seeing where they went wrong or right in the way that they access and analyze text.  In this session, you will see how effective it is in Honors, on level and resource classrooms and how easy it is to use with materials you already have. Pear Deck ups the ante.

Building Inquiry-Based Lessons

- Matthew X Joseph -

Twitter- @MatthewXJoseph

Leicester Public Schools

In the standardized testing era, students are too often asked to memorize facts and/or recall ideas without being expected to retain a deeper understanding of information. Depth in learning comes from focusing on critical thinking, evaluation of information, and tapping into students’ intrinsic curiosity. This session is designed to support educators in creating inquiry-based lessons with a focus on  critical thinking and problem-solving skills; both of which  enhance student performance in and out of the classroom. Applying and integrating inquiry-based lessons into  instruction allows students to be independent learners and educators to increase the relevance of their lessons. Participants will learn instructional techniques and tools to develop experiences that include: 

Collaboration among students

Creation of open-ended questions

Student reflection

Efficient internet searching

Application of problem-solving to real-life scenarios

Additionally, this session will explore appropriate digital tools that will allow all students to be active learners, i.e., create and apply knowledge.

Choir Room

1:15 - 2:00

Collaborating & Conferring with CoRubrics

- Jessica Brown -

Twitter- @mrsjabrown

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Any teacher who uses rubrics to evaluate student work needs to meet CoRubrics. This Google Sheets Add-on has changed the way that we evaluate student work and provide academic feedback, and it allows the teacher a simple way to track progress over time. In our 7th grade RLA classrooms, CoRubrics has been a sanity- and time-saver when organizing student, peer, and teacher evaluations of compositions; please join this session to see how you can use CoRubrics in any classroom!

Art Room

1:15 - 2:00

In Person Only 

Low Tech: Ceramic Cup Creation

- Clay Kennedy -

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Forget Virtual Reality and venture into ACTUAL Reality!! 

In this session we will get our hands off our computers and onto the stuff of the earth - pottery clay. Come build a clay mug!

Since ceramic work is a multi-phase process which requires building, kiln firing, glazing, and firing again; this workshop session will not allow us to completely finish the cups, but we will set up a later date (maybe during August PD) when those interested can return to do the finishing touches... or you might just enjoy the process, do the craftwork, and donate your piece to the Art Dept. for fundraising later in the year.

C'mon, get low.... tech, and make ART!