Basic iPad Tips

-All LCISD Educators are encouraged to become Apple Teachers-

Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. 

See What's New In iOS 15!

How To Split Screen In iOS 15

With iOS 15, you now have a quick and easy way to split screen!

Easy Screenshots For Little Hands

This is an easy button to add to the iPad Screen that lets younger kids take easy screenshots!

- Student Video -

How To Use Screen Recording

Quick video on how to set up and use Screen Recording on the iPad.

Use Quick Notes For Student Research

Students and teachers can use Quick Notes to quickly add links, images, text, and other resources quickly in a single place! 

Use Quick Notes For Digital Scratch Paper

Students and teachers can use Quick Notes to have access to quick digital scratch paper! 

Select Text Directly From A Photo - iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can now select text directly from a video.  This allows students to interact with real world text by simply taking a picture!

Listen To Text Directly From A Photo - iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can now select text directly from a video.  When you add the accessibility features, students can now easily have real world text read to them, through the photos app!

Translate Text Directly From A Photo - iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can now select text directly from a video.  When you through the translation features of the iPad, students are now able to translate any text they can take a picture of!

How To Split Screen Safari

Here is a quick vidoe on how to splitscreen Safari!  This is a great tip to help streamline your classroom. 

Turn On Airplane Made

Quick video to walk students through the steps to turn on Airplane Mode. 

Organize  Safari With Folders (iPad)

This quick tip will help you orginize you Safari tabs into ready to open folders.

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How To Use Speech To Text On Your iPad

Speech to text can be a powerful tool to allow students to get their thoughts on "paper" by dictating directly to the iPad. 

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Customize The Assistive Touch Button for Classroom Efficiency

You can customize the assistive touch button, in order to give easy access to useful iPad tools.

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Use Safari To Unlock Google's Full Potential On The iPad

With the new update to iOS, safari now functions as a desktop browser.  This means that you can now use all of the GSuit applications within Safari, without loosing any functionality.

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Auto Translate Videos in Youtube

YouTube has auto translate built into the settings on the YouTube website!

Use Chrome To Translate Websites

Chrome can auto translate websites to another language!

How To Scan PDFs With The Files App

Scanning and sending documents can be very easy withthe files app!

PDF Instructions

How To See App Update Information

How to see what is new when an app gets updated. 

Home Screen Links

How to create a home screen "app Icon" on your iPad

How To Use Your iPad To Create A PDF

You can use your iPad with the Files or Notes app to scan and create PDFs from physical pages. 

Handwritten Notes on the Fly

With a few changes to settings, you can write in notes by just touching your Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon to the lock screen!

Use Screen Recording For Assessment 

Teach students to turn on screen recording to get video and audio evidence for assessments and report cards.

Speak selection in iOS 13

Here is how to turn on speak selection for iOS 13.

What's New In iOS 13?

Let's walk through what's new in iOS 13!

How To Make Notifications Private

Making notifications on your iPad private, keeps students from seeing information they don’t need to see

Testing Accommodations

Three quick tips for oral admin testing

Convert Google Slides To Keynote

Quick steps to change Google Slides to Keynote.  Also works with Docs and Sheets

Airplay Just Audio In The Classroom

This walks you through a way to airplay just audio to your Apple TV

Organize With The Files App

How to use the files app on the iPad to organize your files and your student’s files

iPad Multi-Touch Gestures

A quick tutorial of how to use all the multi-touch gestures on your MacBook

Control Center 101

Your iPad control center is full of tools that help in your daily teaching 

Split Screen The iPad

Being able to split screen the iPad is an amazing tool for the teacher and students

Organize Notes With Emojis

Teachers and students can organize notes with emojis 

iPad Presentation Tools

Add simple tools to the iPad that help when your are presenting your lessons 

Screen Record On The iPad

The iPad has a built in tool that allows you to record the screen and your voice at the same time

Mask Images With Shapes

You can use images from the internet to create some create and engaging shapes with the mask tool 

Fixing Airplay Issues

Quick tip on helping fix some common airplay issues

Type With Your Voice

The iPad can allow students to type with just their voice

Easy Home Screen Web Links

A simple tool that teachers can use for timers, whiteboards, QR codes, etc.

Mark Up Part 1

Part 1 of using the built in iPad tool call Markup 

Mark Up Part 2

Part 2 of using the built in iPad tool call Markup 

Create PDF In Safari

How to turn Safari web pages into PDFs