Transformational Collaboration

- Taylor Holbert -

We all know consistency is key in a full classroom, BUT do you ever get bored of the same old routine? If we are being honest, I know I do and if I do then I can only imagine how the kids are feeling! If you are wanting to change stuff up and get excited about the day then come see me. 

A transformation day OR week keeps the kids on their toes and fills your cup up with JOY! It does not have to be over the top. Some ideas could be a court room, Wizard of Oz, Mission Impossible, Dunkin' Donuts... and many more ideas that hopefully we can come up with together. I always like to shake things up while keeping it simple, so please stop by! I'll share my tips and tricks that keep it simple and efficient!

I am hoping we can collaborate on how to transform our classrooms into a new adventure. We can cultivate an entire new vibe and create students that are not only ready to learn, but EXCITED about learning!

For a link to the presentation, please email