Google Apps

Getting Started With Google Drive

Sharing and Collaboration Basics

Use The Drive App To Scan PDFs

The new Google Drive update added the ability to scan documents directly into your Google Drive! 

PDF Instructions 

Open an Apple file from Google Drive

This will help you learn how to open an Apple file from inside of Google Drive.

Google Drive 101

Basic tips on using google drive on the iPad.

Google Keep 101

Use Google Keep to take notes, make check lists, draw, and add photos. This is a great tool for teachers and students to get organized!

Use Video Instructions For Stations

Use Google drive to create station folders with resources and video instructions. 

Share iOS Templates with Google

Share template from iOS apps with google drive and QR codes

Find Changes In Google Drive

How to see the most recent changes to shared Google files

Organize Your Google Drive

A few tips and tricks to help you organize your Google Drive

Share Student Created Books As An EPUB

After a student for teacher has made a book in Pages, it can be exported as an EPUB and shared through Google Drive.