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Room 1 (312)


Nailed IT! Maverick Edition

- Carl Hooker -

Twitter- @MrHooker


In this highly interactive session, attendees will work to complete a series of challenges in a short time limit to see if they “Nailed it”. This session builds on the framework that taking risks can be a good thing when it comes to creating and sharing ideas. Attendees will walk away with strategies to use in their schools when it comes to engaging learners and getting them to take risks.

Room 2 (500)


Session Resources

🔥Great Balls of Fire🔥 Using Short Social Stories to Share Powerful Learning

- Brianna Hodges-

Twitter- @bhodgesEDU


Does sharing the learning stories of your classroom shake your nerves and rattle your brain? Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. It's enough to drive a man insane. In this interACTIVE session, we’ll utilize the power of storytelling, digital platforms, and social media to tell this world that you're mine, mine, mine. Framing our educational narratives from every perspective: classroom, campus, district and beyond, we'll explore the how and why to use social media to leverage visual demonstrations of learning to connect, explain, engage and promote -- OH WHAT A THRILL 🔥

Room 3 (301)


Session Resources

Not Your Average Notes 

- Brittney Loera, Brisa Cabe  -

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Sketchnotes: The Why, The What, The How 

Room 4 (302)


Session Resources


- Ashley Holland, Abby Gonzales -

Twitter- @Ash_Holland15

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Uses for desmos in upper elementary math classrooms 

Room 5 (303)


Don't Sleep on Google Forms!! 

- Taylor Holbert-

Twitter- @Taylor_Holbert

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

All in one! Google Forms lets you build relationships, conduct polls and surveys by also allowing for student voice & choice. Efficient documentation for parent phone calls, student accommodations, behavior concerns all in one place, and more! 

Room 6 (309)


Session Resources

NWEA MAPs Impact on Academic performance (Doug Rawlins And Tessa Stowe) 

- Doug Rawlins, Tessa Stowe -

iMagine Learning

Those who need to move academic achievement of their students by using MAP data.

Room 7 (316)


Session Resources (Everyone Can Create Books)

- Apps To Download -  Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, Clips, GarageBand 

Apple Education - Everyone Can Create - You Can Too! 

- Kasey Powers, Dina McMearn  -

Twitter- @AppleEDU @gigemkp


Discover how photo, video, music, and drawing take learning to the next level. Join us as we create and explore possibilities of leveraging technology to enhance classroom experiences for students.

Attendees should download the four Everyone Can Create Books (Blue Cover) and the Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide before attending the session. Thank you! 

Room 8 (Theater)


Personalized Pages

- Rebecca Beardain -

Twitter- @mrsbeardain

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

This session will share ideas for Personalized Pages templates that teachers can share with their classes. After exploring ideas, we'll go through the process of making personalized templates within Pages.

Room 9 (Library)


Book Tasting

- Shay Troutman, Sarah Henderson, Brenda Cunningham, Terri Vaughn, Morgan Hisey, Dawn Cox -

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Join us in the library for an opportunity to "taste" some great books you may want to add to your plate this summer.  Select from the menu which includes books for all levels and contents that you may offer your students next year.  You can also try out some delectable reads for pleasure. 

There will be prizes, snacks, and games!  Come join the fun!