The LCP Way

What Good Teaching Looks Like

Join Dr. Satterwhite as she discusses what good teaching looks like here at LCISD

Episode 1

The Power Zone

What is the power zone, and how can I utilize it in my classroom?

Episode 2

The First 5 Minutes

The first 5 minuets can set the tone for the rest of your class period. Lets look at how to use the 5 minuets.

Episode 3

Formative Assessment

The goal of formative assessment is to collect detailed information that can be used to improve instruction and student learning while it’s happening.

Episode 4

The Last Five Minutes

When you end your class with a quick review or an exit ticket, you lock in the learning and gain some valuable data to guide your planning.

District Expectations

Lesson Planning

Dr. Satterwhite talks about the goal of lesson planning and the best practices we use here at LCISD.

Classroom Quick Tips

Join Aaron Rogers as he gives some quick classroom managment tips and tricks

Episode 1

Start With Empathy!

Great classroom management starts with empathy! Let's learn what true empathy looks like in the classroom.

Episode 2

"I Notice" Vs. "I Like"

Knowing how to use the phrase "I notice", can make a huge difference in your classroom.

Episode 3

Shut Down Arguing

This quick tip gives teachers a tool to quickly and calmly shut down arguing.

Episode 4


Giving choices in the classroom can help lessen the need for students to try and steal control in a negative way.

Episode 5

Boundaries And Follow Through

Keeping firm boundaries will lessen the amount of push back you get from students in the classroom.

Episode 6

If You Make A Problem, I Will Do... Something

Using the simple phrase “If you make a problem, I will do something” can free you from having to list hundreds of rules and consequences.