Google Apps

Great News!!!

Google has partnered with Skyward to create a simple sync between Google Classroom and Skyward!  This will allow teacher to sync their grades from Skyward over to Google.  

How to log into the Chrome App.  PDF Instructions

How to Use Originality Reports

Originality reports use the power of Google Search to help students properly integrate external inspiration into their writing – while making it easy for instructors to screen for academic integrity.

IIntroducing Practice Sets in Google Classroom

Practice sets will give teachers the time and tools to better support their students — from more interactive assignments to faster and more personal feedback.

Getting Started Guide

Support Page

Share Apple Schoolwork Assignments Through Google Classroom!

Use Google Classroom to send out assignments that are housed in Apple Schoolwork!

PDF Instructions

Export Numbers As A PDF

Students can export their numbers documents as a PDF.  This will allow them to easily turn it into Google Classroom for you to grade.

PDF Instructions

How Students Upload Apple Files To Google Classroom

This is a video for teachers and students.  It walks you through how to uplad Keynote, Pages, and Number files to Google Classroom. 

Recover Deleted Attachments In Google Classroom

If a student deletes an attachment, this is a way for them to make a new copy.

How To Join A Google Classroom (As A Teacher)

This video walks you through how to join Google classroom, built for training.

Declutter Your Google Classroom Stream

Mr. Henderson walks you through a few steps to declutter you Google Classroom stream