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Room 1 (312)


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Revvin' Up Their Engines: Taking Formative Assessment Right Into the ✈️ DANGER ZONE ✈️

- Brianna Hodges-

Twitter- @bhodgesEDU


"Are your formative assessments in the DANGER ZONE? Getting GOOD TONE on the daily level of understanding can seem like an unwinnable dogfight. 

It's time to bugout on boring, tired, inefficient, and inaccurate bogey assessments. 

We'll use a variety of digital tools, platforms, research-based learning science, and dynamic pedagogical practices to make sure instruction is more than just a FLY-BY. You never know what you can do until you get it up as high as you can go ✈️"

Room 2 (500)


Session Resources

"So You're the One" Teacher or Facilitator of Learning in your Classroom?

- Kristen Brooks -

Twitter- @KristenBrooks77

Cherokee County School District

We will examine what a facilitator of learning does differently and how your students value the opportunity to really be creative inside of your classroom and simple ways you can make this happen as soon as you're ready. One added bonus is that you will discover how this easy change of mindset will benefit you in your career and give you more peace and flexibility.

Room 3 (301)


Session Resources

Organizing & Presenting using Numbers

- Julie Ray -

Twitter- @RaysArtists 

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Numbers can keep you on track throughout your teaching day and I am here to get you organized and started.

Room 4 (302)


Session Resources

PreK/Kinder Technology Mini Lessons

- Alyssa Brown, Lisa Faught -

Twitter- @KinderDigiTeach @MissFaughtsPrek

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Showing how to relate technology to younger students. Often we learn so many great ideas for implementing technology, but it's a struggle to figure out what will be effective for younger students. Mrs. Faught and I will be creating 2 or 3 mini lessons using innovative technology. We will gear these lessons towards PreK and Kindergarten. Our idea is to create/present and give audience a time to explore these ideas on implementing more technology into the classroom for younger students! 

These lessons will also be geared towards Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Life Skills. 

Room 5 (303)


Be Your Students’ Wingman

- Tyler Trammel -

Twitter- @Tyler_Teacher

Fort Worth ISD

Being a successful pilot requires a combination of skills. Beyond the math and technical skills, effective pilots are asked to have clear communication, be confident and decisive, know when to break the rules, and have leadership skills while being a team player. In this session we will turn and burn as we learn different ways to foster these skills with your students. In my four years as a technology learning coach with Fort Worth ISD, I have picked up a few tricks that I would like to share. I want to help you be a fun, engaging, wingman so that you can teach your students to become pilots of their own destiny.

Room 6 (309)


Session Resources

NWEA MAPs Impact on Academic performance (Doug Rawlins And Tessa Stowe) 

- Doug Rawlins, Tessa Stowe -

iMagine Learning

Those who need to move academic achievement of their students by using MAP data 

Room 7 (316)


- Apps To Download -  Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, Clips, GarageBand 

Apple Education Resources - Apple Teacher & Apple Portfolio Edition! 

- Kasey Powers, Dina McMearn  -

Twitter- @AppleEDU @gigemkp


Come and learn more about the new content in the Apple Teacher Learning Center! Earn badges and build skills for either iPad or Mac. With Apple Teacher Portfolio, you’ll curate and showcase your body of work as you design—or redesign—your own customized lessons to engage students and get the most out of Apple technology. 

Attendees will need their Apple ID and password for this session! 

Room 8 (Theater)


Session Resources

Teach from the iPad 101

- Sheila Fortenberry-

Twitter- @shayla410berry

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Tips & Tricks for how to teach from your iPad! 

Room 9 (Library)


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