Basic Mac Tips

-All LCISD Educators are encouraged to become Apple Teachers-

Apple Teacher is a free professional learning program designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. 

Organize Safari Or Chrome With Folders (MacBook)

This quick tip will help you orginize your Safari or Chrome tabs into ready to open folders.

Safari PDF Instructions

Chrome PDF Instructions

Use Chrome To Translate Websites

Chrome can auto translate websites to another language!

Auto Translate Videos in Youtube

YouTube has auto translate built into the settings on the YouTube website!

Convert A PDF To Individual Images

Using this tip, you can convert a large PDF file to a folder with individual images.  This is very helpful when you are building a keynote or Slides presentation.

Use Googe Meet to Record Mini-Lessons

How to use the record feature in Google Meet to record quick mini-lessons with visuals and a video of you as well.

Screen Record With A Floating Window

This tutorial will walk you through how to use QuickTime to have a floating video of yourself and screen record at the same time.

Airplay Just Audio In The Classroom

This walks you through a way to airplay just audio to your Apple TV

Walkthrough Of MacBook Multi-Touch Gestures

A quick tutorial of how to use all the multi-touch gestures on your MacBook