Other Resources


Mathigon.org overview 

Here is a short overview of an amazing resource call Mathigon!  It is an amazing meth tool that can be used from Pre-K to High School!

 Mathigon.org Template Sharing 

Now that you know how to use Mathigon, lets look at how to save and share the amazing templates you have created!

How to Set Up ThatQuiz.org

The Quiz is a great website that offeres easy to set up skill checks!  There are a few settings that HAVE to be set before you use it.  

BeeBots 101


A simple tool that teachers can use for timers, whiteboards, QR codes, etc.

Envision Math Tools

A quick way to let kids access the great math tools from the Envision math curriculum  

ChatterPix 101

A quick walk through of how to use ChatterPix in the classroom

Clever 101

An introduction to the Clever app

Submit Apple Badges

Once you have finished your Apple badges, this will walk you through how to submit them in Eduphoria