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LCHS Technology Spotlight - Keynote Live In AP English Classes

In this episode of LCHS Technology Spotlight, you will learn how AP English Language students and teachers are using Keynote Live Video to increase engagement while showing live document edits!

Keynote,Pages, and Numbers Export Update!

How you export out of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers is changing in iOS 16.  You will want to make sure that students are  aware of the changes!

Create "Infinte Cloners" In Keynote

Here is a quick way to create "infinite cloners" in Keynote. 

- Student Video -

Use Keynote To Create Vocabulary Videos

This video walks students through the process of adding live videos to Keynotes.  Then a simple screen recording allows them to create videos to turn in!

App Smash- Use Use Keynote Shapes In Google Slides

This quick video walks you through how to use all the great shapes from Keynote in your Google Slides. 

 - Mac and iPad -

Make a “Green Screen” video in Keynote!

Now that Keynote has Live Video, you can make green screen videos directly in Keynote!  This will save your students time and energy!

Show What You Know With Apple Classroom Whiteboard

Dylan Peters (ADE) shares a great tip for using this custom Keynote template.  Teachers can do quick "show what you know" with Apple Classroom.


Secret Reveal Videos 

(Long Format)

This is a step by step walkthrough on how to app smash Keynote and iMovie to make secret reveal videos!

Digital Notebook Templates In Keynote

How to create digital notebook templates that can be shared with your class.  These allow students to pull pages templates on the fly while learning!

Quick Tip- Line Animate in Keynote

This video walks students through the steps to add line animations to Keynote.

PDF Instructions

-Full Tutorial- 

Use Keynote To Create Visuals For Google Slides

You can create great visuals in Keynote and then drag and drop them into Google Slides.

PDF Instructions 

-Quick Tip-

 Use Keynote To Create Visuals For Google Slides

You can create great visuals in Keynote and then drag and drop them into Google Slides.

PDF Instructions 

Use the Light Table Feature for Keynote Projects

Using the light table feature in Keynote, will allow you to create sorting projects.  Students could sort by time, alphabet, story, etc.

Photo Collage

Use photo collage for students to show what they know with visuals.

Find someone who... (Video Review Activity)

Using a simple Keynote presentation, and some image place holders, allows students to interview their classmates. 

Use presenter notes

This video walks you through using presenter notes to add speaking notes to presentations, without adding clutter to your slides!

Convert Google Slides To Keynote

Quick steps to change Google Slides to Keynote.  Also works with Docs and Sheets

Embed Project Instructions

Simple way to use Presenter notes inside of Keynote to give instructions to students for projects. 

Keynote Update

Walking through a few big changes in keynote

Share Templets With Google

Share template from ios apps with google drive and QR codes

Number Talks In Keynote

Digital number talks in Keynote with magic move

Digitize Books The Easy Way

An easier way to digitize books in Keynote

Create Video Vocab Cards

Create flashcards for all subjects in Keynote and use clips to add video and voice

AR Makr With Keynote

Create AR presentations with Keynote and AR Makr 

Keynote Interviews

Use keynote to let students create and film quick video interviews 

Mask Images With Shapes

You can use images from the internet to create some create and engaging shapes with the mask tool 

Magic Move 101

Magic move adds amazing creativity and engagement to Keynote presentations

Line Animation In Keynote

Students and teachers can add animations in Keynote to take their presentations to the next level

Type With Your Voice

The iPad can allow students to type with just their voice

Part 1 of using the built in iPad tool call Markup 

Mark Up Part 2

Part 2 of using the built in iPad tool call Markup 

Use keynote to differentiate creativity and student voice in the classroom