Putting the Pieces Together

- Adam Phyall -

Twitter - @AskAdam3 

Newton County School System

We often use the term technology integration, but often find ourselves doing the same things new technology. This session focuses in on technology innovation strategies. When students start to innovate they will utilize new technologies in new ways and to push the limits in their learning. This session will focus on how to increase the level of technology innovation by demonstrating how to build lessons and activities that are engaging, rigorous and relevant for all students. This session will provide any Administrator or Teacher the foundation to move beyond the Substitution level of Technology Integration and have all learners extending beyond. This is accomplished through the use of the Rigor Relevance Framework, SAMR and TPACK. 

Band Hall 1

2:15 - 3:00

Quizizz: Writing and Sources

- Marissa Barber - 

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

This session was created by the secondary Vanguards and other technology-driven educators at our campus. The goal for our session is to revive and expand previously utilized technology-directed lessons by actively looking for advice, information, and novel ideas from other forward-thinking and technologically advanced teachers. We selected an educator from each subject (core and extracurricular) who would be interested in revitalizing a lesson/project or expanding their knowledge from intermediate to expert in reference to specific apps or software. The session is intended for those at Confluence who have previously prepared a lesson they want to improve upon, have a lesson they would like to share that utilizes technology, and be open to change in their classroom. It is meant to be fast-paced with the opportunity for spontaneous breakout groups. Other educators are encouraged to come by and bring their own lessons they would like to improve. 

Band Hall 2

2:15 - 3:00

Design Thinking Across the Curriculum

- Jeremy Wagner -

Twitter- @ScienceWagner

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Afraid of coding? Are you curious about how coding probably already exists in your content? In this session we will spend time exploring the concept of design thinking (coding) and dive into how we can incorporate it into our content lessons. No background in coding or programming required!

Power of Connections

- Matthew X Joseph -

Twitter- @MatthewXJoseph

Leicester Public Schools

A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot connection. If managed well, these connections can help teachers and leaders innovate and improve student outcomes. Lifelong learning requires effort. 

Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. However, PLNs were mostly limited to face-to-face interactions within school buildings, districts, or, in some cases, conferences, but with the technology we have today, our connections are limitless. Twitter, Voxer, EdCamp, Facebook and more, are the backbone for most PLNs. This session will provide strategies to maximize your connections and grow as an educator.

Choir Room

2:15 - 3:00


- Jessica Brown, Libby Vineyard & Emily Wagner -

Twitter- @mrsjabrown @Libby_Vineyard @Dive_N2_Reading

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Classkick is our go-to tool to monitor and assess our students' progress. With a Classkick Portfolio account, teachers will be able to:

-track student use and engagement

-leave differentiated audio and chat feedback for individual students quickly and easily 

-push out content to every students' Classkick slide deck on the fly for differentiation and clarification of misunderstandings

-provide a “hard copy of notes” for students painlessly

-take advantage of auto-grading (multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions)

-assign digital manipulatives

-share lessons with their PLC!

Black Box

2:15 - 3:00

Session Resources 

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Visual Storytelling with Digital Applications

- Brittany Wright -

Twitter- @MixinItUpEDU

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

This session will cover digital techniques used by students to show mastery of concepts through storytelling.  The storytelling applications will include Keynote and the animation features, Clips and iMovie.  We will discuss the planning and creation process.  Come prepared with possible story a student might come up with to show mastery of a concept.