Strategies for Assessing Student Learning in Any Environment

- Carl Hooker -

Twitter- @mrhooker

Hooker Tech LLC

Authentically assessing student learning has always been a challenge. Now we have the added challenge of attempting to do this while students learn remotely/hybrid/blended. There are all sorts of proctoring software that will monitor students’ responses to a traditional test, but we need to be thinking of other ways to measure their understanding that’s not necessarily on a multiple choice quiz. During this session, we’ll explore several different strategies for educators to assess their students’ learning in any environment.

Band Hall 1

9:15 - 10:00

YOU can make an App for that!

- Tyler Trammel - 

Twitter - @Tyler_Teach

Fort Worth ISD

Did you know you can make your own app with ZERO coding experience that is accessible on any device? In this presentation, you will learn how to create your own web-based app by simply using Google Sheets that integrates to iPads seamlessly. You can create apps to share with your students to help them review content, an app to keep in contact with parents, take notes, stay organized, or show your students how to create an app to demonstrate their learning. The options are limitless!

Band Hall 2

9:15 - 10:00

Making Magic Happen with Engaging Presentations

- Cary Fulgham & LISD DL Team - 

Twitter- @LubbockDL

Lubbock ISD

We all know that teachers make magic happen in the classroom. With their magic wands they create engaging experiences and promote student learning. In this session we will learn how to create magical presentations to match the extraordinary content learning happening in the classroom! We will look at design and layout, embedding tools, and feedback options.

The Power of Connections

- Matthew X Joseph -

Twitter- @MatthewXJoseph

Leicester Public Schools

A PLN is a mindset; it is not a one-shot connection. If managed well, these connections can help teachers and leaders innovate and improve student outcomes. Lifelong learning requires effort. 

Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. However, PLNs were mostly limited to face-to-face interactions within school buildings, districts, or, in some cases, conferences, but with the technology we have today, our connections are limitless. Twitter, Voxer, EdCamp, Facebook and more, are the backbone for most PLNs. This session will provide strategies to maximize your connections and grow as an educator.

Choir Room

9:15 - 10:00

CS Resources for All

- Wendy Staffen -

Twitter- @staffenux

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Target Audience: K-12 Teachers who are interested in integrating computer science (coding skills) into their existing curriculum. This session will include multiple resources and tools allowing teachers to fit CS skills into their existing curriculum. I will section this out by grade levels and subject areas. I will cover ideas on free online tools, tools available for purchase, free lesson plans, etc. (, micro:bit, raspberry pi, CS board games, online CS games, etc.) 

Black Box

9:15 - 10:00

Session Resources 

1, 2, 3, 4

Visual Storytelling with Digital Applications

- Brittany Wright -

Twitter- @MixinItUpEDU

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

This session will cover digital techniques used by students to show mastery of concepts through storytelling.  The storytelling applications will include Keynote and the animation features, Clips and iMovie.  We will discuss the planning and creation process.  Come prepared with possible story a student might come up with to show mastery of a concept.

Room 209

9:15 - 10:00

In Person Only 

Engineer a Culture for STEM Leaders PreK to Career

- Jazmin Medrano -

Twitter- @JazminMedrano3 @imaginelearning @imagine_tx

Imagine Learning

Session Description: In this session, you will engage in discourse with your peers to discuss ways to build a classroom/district culture that empowers students to know they have a place in STEM. We’ll investigate ways to use technology to make student centered, evidence informed decisions and the importance of reinforcing a growth mindset. 

Audience: All Educators

Room 214

9:15 - 10:00

Creating Data Diggers

- Taylor Holbert -

Twitter- @taylor_holbert

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

I would like to show other teachers how I organize data and intentionally use it. Then I would also like to inspire them to get their students to own and use their data. I have a template in Numbers that I use for students to track their individual data as well as their class competition data. Students love trying to reach a class goal while competing against other classes.  

Art Room

9:15 - 10:00

In Person Only 

Low Tech: Ceramic Cup Creation

- Clay Kennedy -

Lubbock-Cooper ISD

Forget Virtual Reality and venture into ACTUAL Reality!! 

In this session we will get our hands off our computers and onto the stuff of the earth - pottery clay. Come build a clay mug!

Since ceramic work is a multi-phase process which requires building, kiln firing, glazing, and firing again; this workshop session will not allow us to completely finish the cups, but we will set up a later date (maybe during August PD) when those interested can return to do the finishing touches... or you might just enjoy the process, do the craftwork, and donate your piece to the Art Dept. for fundraising later in the year.

C'mon, get low.... tech, and make ART!