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Use The Drive App To Scan PDFs

The new Google Drive update added the ability to scan documents directly into your Google Drive! 

PDF Instructions 

Introducing Practice Sets in Google Classroom

Practice sets will give teachers the time and tools to better support their students — from more interactive assignments to faster and more personal feedback.

Getting Started Guide

Support Page

How to Use Originality Reports

Originality reports use the power of Google Search to help students properly integrate external inspiration into their writing – while making it easy for instructors to screen for academic integrity.

How to set up Assistive Access

As a trusted supporter, learn how you can set up Assistive Access for someone with a cognitive disability. 

To learn more about this topic, visit the following articles: 

Set up Assistive Access on iPhone:

 Assistive Access User Guide: 

Download and Use HMH Keynote Presentations 

Here is a quick video on how to download HMH keynote presentations and how to present while also viewing teacher notes.  

Use Google Slides For K5 Centers

Having a place that studnets can access from their iPad frees you up to work in small groups.  This virtual station can point kids to thier stations, access extentions, etc.  

LCHS Technology Spotlight - Keynote Live In AP English Classes

In this episode of LCHS Technology Spotlight, you will learn how AP English Language students and teachers are using Keynote Live Video to increase engagement while showing live document edits!

Custom Keynote Live Video Templates

Use custom shapes to create  Keynote Live videos that look like thought bubbles, books, and other shapes! 

PDF Instructions overview 

Here is a short overview of an amazing resource call Mathigon!  It is an amazing meth tool that can be used from Pre-K to High School! Template Sharing 

Now that you know how to use Mathigon, lets look at how to save and share the amazing templates you have created!

Accessibility Shortcut To Support Your Students

Use this iPad Shortcut to create custom notes that are filled with ways to adjust the iPad to support students with specific accessibility needs! 

PDF Instructions

Make a “Green Screen” Video In Keynote!

Now that Keynote has Live Video, you can make green screen videos directly in Keynote!  This will save your students time and energy!

How Elementary Uses TexQuest

Here is a short overview of how students and teachers can access TexQuest!  The website has updated, so things might look a little different.  

How To Set Up And Use Copier Codes In Ventura

This video will help you set up your copier codes in the new ventura update.  

Keynote,Pages, and Numbers Export Update!

How you export out of Keynote, Pages, and Numbers is changing in iOS 16.  You will want to make sure that students are  aware of the changes!

Create "Infinte Cloners" In Keynote

Here is a quick way to create "infinite cloners" in Keynote. 

Easy Screenshots For Little Hands

This is an easy button to add to the iPad Screen that lets younger kids take easy screenshots!

- Student Video -

How to use iMovie Green Screen

A walkthrough for students on how to utilize the greenscreen feature in iMovie.

- Student Video -

How To Use Screen Recording

Quick video on how to set up and use Screen Recording on the iPad.

- Student Video -

Use Keynote To Create Vocabulary Videos

This video walks students through the process of adding live videos to Keynotes.  Then a simple screen recording allows them to create videos to turn in!

App Smash- Use Use Keynote Shapes In Google Slides

This quick video walks you through how to use all the great shapes from Keynote in your Google Slides. 

 - Mac and iPad -

Use Quick Notes For Student Research

Students and teachers can use Quick Notes to quickly add links, images, text, and other resources quickly in a single place! 

Use Quick Notes For Digital Scratch Paper

Students and teachers can use Quick Notes to have access to quick digital scratch paper! 

Google Added Dropdown Boxes to Google Docs! 

Google has finally added dropdown boxes to Google Docs!  They are easy to add and even are color coded! 

Show What You Know With Apple Classroom Whiteboard

Dylan Peters (ADE) shares a great tip for using this custom Keynote template.  Teachers can do quick "show what you know" with Apple Classroom.


Numbers - Pop-Up Menus For Inline Test Questions

This video walks you through how to add inline test questions.  This is a great way to add some sample questions into the Numbers app. 

Secret Reveal Videos 

(Play-Doh Edition)

Use Play Doe, and iMovie to let students create magic videos that look "inside" their learning!

Secret Reveal Videos 

(Long Format)

This is a step by step walkthrough on how to app smash Keynote and iMovie to make secret reveal videos!

How to Set Up

The Quiz is a great website that offeres easy to set up skill checks!  There are a few settings that HAVE to be set before you use it.  

How To Split Screen In iOS 15

With iOS 15, you now have a quick and easy way to split screen!

Select Text Directly From A Photo - iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can now select text directly from a video.  This allows students to interact with real world text by simply taking a picture!

Listen To Text Directly From A Photo - iOS 15

With iOS 15, you can now select text directly from a video.  When you add the accessibility features, students can now easily have real world text read to them, through the photos app!