AI Resources

The world of AI is a fast changing world!  This list is just a quick view at some of the tools that have made a name for themselves.  

ChatGPT is an AI language model designed for engaging conversations, insights, and task automation. It’s like having a chat with an intelligent companion.

What can Chat GPT do?

- Conversational Engagement: ChatGPT can engage in natural, human-like conversations on a wide range of topics.

- Answering Questions: It can provide answers to factual questions, based on the knowledge it has been trained on.

- Generating Text: ChatGPT can generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on prompts provided by users.

- Language Translation: It can assist in translating text between different languages.

- Content Creation: ChatGPT can help generate content for various purposes, such as writing articles, essays, stories, or product descriptions.

- Text Summarization: It can summarize lengthy texts or documents into shorter, more concise versions.

- Text Editing: ChatGPT can assist in editing and proofreading texts by suggesting improvements or corrections.

- Creative Writing: It can aid in creative writing tasks by providing prompts, generating ideas, or expanding on existing concepts.

- Personal Assistance: ChatGPT can act as a virtual assistant, helping users with tasks like setting reminders, scheduling events, or providing recommendations.

- Educational Assistance: It can assist students with learning by explaining concepts, providing examples, or answering academic questions.

- Customer Support: ChatGPT can provide basic customer support by answering common queries or guiding users through troubleshooting processes.

- Generating Code: It can assist programmers by generating code snippets, explaining programming concepts, or debugging issues.

- Playing Text-based Games: ChatGPT can participate in text-based games like storytelling, role-playing, or trivia.

- Generating Poetry or Prose: It can create poems, stories, or other forms of creative writing based on user prompts or themes.

- Providing Recommendations: ChatGPT can offer recommendations on various topics, such as books, movies, restaurants, or products.

Canva AI is an innovative graphic design platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the creation of digital artwork. 

What can Canva AI do?

- Magic Design: When faced with a blank canvas, Magic Design™ instantly generates sophisticated designs based on your written prompts or uploaded media. Personalize these designs or apply your brand elements effortlessly.

- Automated Tasks: Magic Studio streamlines your workflow by automating repetitive tasks. Whether it’s resizing images or creating social media posts, it helps you work smarter and faster.

- First Draft Accelerator: Need to draft content quickly? Magic Studio assists in creating initial drafts, saving you time and effort.

- Expert-Level Design: Even if you lack complex design skills, Magic Studio empowers you to design like a pro. It offers features that enhance creativity and visual impact.

- Magic Media: Generate photos and videos with text prompts.

- Magic Eraser: Easily remove unwanted elements from your designs.

- Magic Edit: Edit images using simple text prompts.

- Magic Grab: Transform text and shapes with visual effects.

- Magic Expand: Make images larger using AI.

- Magic Morph: Create smooth transitions between design elements.

- Magic Write: Generate text and summaries with AI.


MagicSchool is a platform designed to support educators with a variety of tools to enhance their teaching experience. It offers over 60 individual tools that cater to different educational needs. 

What can MagicSchool do?

- Lesson Planning: assists teachers in creating engaging lesson plans. Whether you’re teaching math, science, or literature, it streamlines the planning process and saves valuable time12.

- Differentiation Made Easy: With, you can customize content for students at various reading levels. It ensures that every student receives materials suited to their needs1.

- Assessment Writing: Generate quizzes, tests, and assignments effortlessly. simplifies assessment creation, allowing you to focus on effective teaching1.

- IEP Support: For special education teachers, helps in writing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). It provides personalized recommendations and ensures compliance with regulations1.

- Clear Communication: Enhance communication with students, parents, and colleagues. assists in conveying information clearly through various channels1.

- And so much more!

AI language model designed to engage in conversations, provide information, and assist users. Text and images. 

What can Microsoft Copilot do?

- Answer Questions: I can provide information on various topics.

- Generate Content: I create poems, stories, code, and more.

- Assist with Writing: Need help with essays or emails? I’ve got suggestions!

- Language Translation: I can translate text between languages.

- Math and Science: Solving math problems and explaining concepts is my thing.

- Recommendations: Books, movies, travel tips—I’ve got recommendations!

- Slide Decks and Presentations:

Copilot can help you generate slide decks, suggest visuals, and even add speaker notes for more effective presentation delivery1.

- Music Creation:

Recently, Microsoft partnered with Suno, an AI-based music creation tool, to enable users to create original songs using simple prompts. Even if you’re not from a music background, Suno, available as a plugin in Microsoft Copilot, can help you compose music2.

- Document Creation and Collaboration:

Copilot assists you in planning, brainstorming, creating, and collaborating seamlessly. It provides intelligent suggestions, offers templates, and helps generate content, eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth communication1.

- Excel Enhancements:

In Excel, Copilot can help you go deeper with data analysis, identify insights, generate formulas, and improve the accuracy of your calculations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, Copilot enhances your Excel experience1.

Adobe Firefly is a suite of generative AI tools developed by Adobe, the creative software giant behind the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator. Like all of the best AI art generators, it involves an AI model that has been trained to recognise connections between text and images in order to allow users to generate imagery using text prompts. 

What can Adobe Firefly do?

- Image Generation with Text Prompts:Firefly allows you to create stunning images using simple text prompts. You can describe what you want, and Firefly generates high-quality visuals based on your input. Whether you need to add or remove objects, transform text, or explore fresh color palettes, Firefly has got you covered1.

- Generative Fill: Use Firefly’s brush tool to remove objects from an image or paint in new ones. It’s a powerful way to manipulate visuals and enhance your creative projects1.

- Text-to-Image Conversion: Describe an image in detail using text, and Firefly will generate the visual for you. It’s like turning your words into captivating artwork1.

- Text Effects: Apply various styles or textures to words and phrases with Firefly. Elevate your typography game and make your text stand out1.

- Generative Recolor: Need different color variations for your vector artwork? Firefly can generate fresh color palettes to breathe new life into your designs1.

- 3D-to-Image Conversion: Position 3D elements interactively, and Firefly will create images based on their arrangement. It’s a fantastic tool for visualizing 3D concepts1.

- Project Stardust: Move any object anywhere within your image. It’s like sprinkling creative stardust to rearrange elements and achieve the perfect composition1.

AI-powered platform designed to revolutionize the way teachers create and deliver lessons. 

What can Curipod do?

- Lesson Generation with AI: Curipod assists teachers in generating interactive lessons on any topic. Using AI, it helps create engaging slide decks, polls, drawings, and questions. Teachers can plan and deliver lessons with ease, making learning exciting for students12.

Features and Benefits:

- Interactive Slides: Curipod integrates polls, word clouds, drawings, Q&As, and more to enhance classroom interactions.

- Assessment Tools: Teachers can assess student understanding through quizzes and interactive elements.

- Collaboration: Curipod allows collaboration among educators, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

- Feedback and Reactions: Students can provide voice feedback, making the learning process dynamic and engaging.

- Certification Courses: Teachers can become AI-certified by completing a 10-hour certification course on using Curipod effectively12.

Use Cases:

- Classroom Teaching: Create captivating lessons, encourage student participation, and provide personalized feedback.

- Professional Development: Curipod can be used for teacher training and workshops.

- Student Engagement: Spark curiosity, reflection, and critical thinking in thousands of classrooms13.